Friday, November 29, 2013


 peripatetic(adj.) itinerant, going from place to place

Referencing the Onkaparinga River S.A. and the Albert and Logan Rivers Qld.
This 'river' traces the literal journey from Qld to SA from the air- with actual enscribed fragments of the Australian landscape on the journey.Using plants collected and stitched into the vessels from both states and in the dyed silk 'river'.
There is also the metaphoric 'journey' I travelled.
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 Double Vision
Artist Exchange programme.
I was lucky enough in 2012 to be accepted and travelled to Onkaparinga Council area in South Australia with 4 other artists from Logan city Council area in Queensland.because so much of my work is connected to place and inspired by place I used this as literal and metaphoric inspiration.
in April this year the Exhbition travelled to Logan Art Gallery, Qld.
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Eco Dyeing Close-ups

 Bauhinia leaves; Ferns; Grevillea Robusta (Silky Oak) leaves as resists- Onion skins; Eucalyptus leaves; Red Cabbage leaves to name a few- for colour!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013


 For the last year I have been experiemnting with using plants, leaves, fruits and vegetables to dye fabric and paper. I also use a natutal mordant which 'fixes' the colour to the fabric naturally- no chemicals used in the creation! Here are some of my latest 'WEARABLE ART' creations. One- off unique T-Shirts! I have all sizes, mens, womens and students....$40 each.

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