Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'The Temple Within' . Various Plant Fibres. $400.
'I Love A Sunburnt Country.' Various Plant Fibres, Fabric. $120.
'Brooms Head Revisited 2'. Kelp and Dodder. $80.
'Kangaroo Island'. vine and Nepalese raw Silk. NFS.
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Outback NSW.

AcrylicPosted by Picasapaint, ink on paper. Framed. $300.

Great Southern Land-2.

Acrylic paint, ink on paper. $100.
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Queensland Coast.

Acrylic paint, Ink on paper. Framed. $300.
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Great Southern Land

Great Southern Land
Acrylic paint, Ink on Paper. $100
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'Tupperware Dreamimg'

Acrylic paint, Mixed Media on paper. $100.
This work was created after hosting a Tupperarware Party (only my second ever!) I found it interesting to observe the 'suburban ritual' that is a Tupperware Party. All the women attending new this 'hidden ritual' and what was expected of them!
When flying in a plane I thought about all the people below going about their everyday business. This would include attending Tupperware parties! This painting was created within this framework but as part of the beautiful Australian Landscape.
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Menindee Lakes

Acrylic Paint, Ink on paper. $80.

Leaving Dubbo

Acrylic paint, Ink on paper. Framed. $300.Posted by Picasa
This year I have been exploring in painting 'Aerial Landscapes' . These were inspired by a trip I did earlier in the year to Silverton. N.S.W. (near Broken Hill) to attend the National Basketry Gathering...held every 2 years in a different state of Australia. Flying in a small plane from Sydney to Broken Hill I was in awe of the incredibly beautiful and intricate patterns created by the natural landscape.
Upon my return I attempted to recreate these!

'Paddocks', Acylic paint, Ink on paper. $100
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Artist in Residence...Mt Barney Lodge

Hard at work at the beautiful Boolamoola Homestead at Mt Barney Lodge, Upper Logan Rd. Mt Barney,Queensland.

I will be artist in residence for the weekends of 5th and 6th September, 2009 and 22nd and 23rd May, 2010 as part of the Open Studios of the Scenic Rim iniative, (refer to or ).

As part of my weekend residencies I will be conducting demonstrations and offering Workshops at 9.30am (a Twined Basket) and 1.30pm (Sculptural Wall Hanging) on Saturday; and 9.30am (Stitched Basket) on Sunday.

Cost per Workshop is $40 which includes morning or afternoon tea.
Numbers are limited so for bookings contact me at:
or Phone: (07) 3804 0636.

For accomodation details contact Mt Barney Lodge: (o7)55443233 or email: or check out the website at:

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Artist In Residence, Mt Barney Lodge, Qld, Sep.5th-6th, 2009.

This Blogspot is being created to Showcase my Art.
 At present I am focusing on my Basketry and Fibre work in the form of more sculptural pieces...stay tuned to see other aspects of my arts practice.

On the weekend of September 5th and 6th (and also May 10th, 2010) I will be Artist in Residence at Mt Barney Lodge, near Rathdowney. This is a part of the Open Studio Trail run by The Centre, Beaudesert Regional Gallery. Every weekend in September (and again in May next year), within a different area of the Scenic Rim region,  Artists are opening up their studios for visitors to view artists at work, free of charge. Tracey and Innes Larkin from Mt. Barney Lodge kindly offered me a venue within their beautiful grounds in which to work and run workshops and I was excited when my application to The Centre was accepted into the Programme .

Why not come and visit for a day or the whole weekend (check out the Mt. Barney Lodge website) as there are a variety of accomodation options. Come and participate in a workshop or just sit and look and talk! It is a beautiful spot at the base of Mt. Barney, and great bushwalking too!We'll be campimg in the grounds...I can't wait!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colours Of Queensland

"Colours of Queensland"-Outback.
Price $60

"Colours of Queensland"-The Coast.
Price $60 (SOLD)

"Colours of Queensland"-Rainforest.
Price $60

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Blogspot is an opportunity to view some of my art which I will be uploading soon.